Antonia Kaestner Junior Research Affiliate

Antonia is an undergraduate at Minerva Schools at KGI, expecting to graduate in 2021 and pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a focus on biotechnology and physics. Antonia enjoys exploring the intersection of disciplines, using non-conventional approaches to solve problems, and pushing concepts to their Limits, as a way to view the world or a problem from a new perspective. She is also pursuing a minor in philosophy and firmly believes that the future of science has to be ethical, sustainable and accessible. In the future Antonia hopes to pursue a masters and PhD in biophysics, material science, or a related field.



Institutional Affiliation

Minerva Schools at KGI

Research Topics & Interests

  • Biology
  • Graph Theory
  • Mathematization of Biological Evolution
  • Population Dynamics
  • Biophysics
  • Biotechnology