Cameron Beetar Affiliated Research Fellow

Cameron is a physics honors student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated with his BSc in physics, mathematics and computer science at the beginning of 2020. He has chosen to focus predominantly on theoretical physics modules. He has a passion for learning and is more than happy to discuss any interesting ideas someone might have. He is currently working on relativistic hydrodynamics for his honors thesis. With regards to the Wolfram Physics Project (WPP), he is studying the Einstein equations from a sort of hydrodynamic perspective. Using the WPP formalism, he hopes to be able to derive higher-order corrections to Einstein's equations. This could have incredibly interesting implications for the way we understand our universe near black holes (or near any significantly strong gravitational field). He has a growing interest in discrete differential geometry (which can also partly be attributed to his work with the WPP). Outside of physics, Cameron is a keen rock climber and a lover of mountains—he has even been to the Himalayas and summited two +6000m peaks! He also loves art and poetry (although in a more casual way than he does physics).


South Africa

Institutional Affiliation

University of Cape Town

Research Topics & Interests

  • Hydrodynamics
  • General Relativity
  • General Applications of Wolfram Model Formalism to Other Fields