Jon Lederman Research Scientist

Jon Lederman is the founder of Spinor, a tech startup that is developing voice-based AI technology. He is also building a science educational platform called Physica that is aimed at creating high-caliber educational content in physics, mathematics, computer science and other fields. Prior to Spinor, Jon founded SonicCloud, a venture-backed and award-winning audio technology company that has commercialized an audio enhancement technology. Jon worked on his doctoral research in physics at UCLA and Brookhaven Labs. He also holds two master's degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford and Columbia. He completed his undergraduate work at Harvard, majoring in music theory and composition. Jon is an avid musician and songwriter. He plays guitar and piano and sings.


United States

Institutional Affiliation


Research Topics & Interests

  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Group Theory