Keith Patarroyo Affiliated Research Fellow

Keith Patarroyo studied physics at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and is now a student at Université de Montréal pursuing his MSc in computer graphics. He has been interested in discrete models of physics since the beginning of his career, first working from a mathematical perspective (FEM), then from a physical perspective (lattice Boltzmann) and currently with both a computer science perspective (discrete differential geometry) and an NKS perspective (Wolfram physics). Presently, he works on two projects, the first is discrete differential geometry for elasticity and the second is related to non-equilibrium statistical physics and optimal transport to understand the nature of entropy and information in the physical world. For a short description of his training, he was drawn to continuous and discrete fluid dynamics and kinetic theory by J. Muñoz and was taught FEM by J. Galvis, DG-FEM by X. Zhang (张翔雄), lattice Boltzmann by M. Mendoza and discrete differential geometry by M. Bessmeltsev (Бессмельцев), inter alia.



Institutional Affiliation

Université de Montréal

Research Topics & Interests

  • Discrete Differential Geometry
  • Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics
  • Foundation of Mathematics
  • Continuum Mechanics