Mano Namuduri Research Scientist

Mano graduated from Minerva Schools at KGI with a B.S. in physics, minoring in mathematics, in 2020. Through her work with the Physics Project and as a programmer at Wolfram Research, Mano has fortified her passion for learning about the foundations of physics, simple computational systems, and mathematical logic. She is currently researching ZX-calculus, a category-theoretic framework for quantum information, and is excited to further explore how category theory might be used to describe abstraction and emergence in complex physical systems. When not daydreaming about the mysteries of the universe, Mano can be found reading about culture, identity, and the environment; practicing yoga; or consuming copious amounts of music.



Institutional Affiliation

Wolfram Research

Research Topics & Interests

  • Quantum Information
  • Cosmology
  • Category Theory
  • Mathematical Logic