Marc Sperzel Alumni

Marc Sperzel is 22 years old and was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, where he went to an international school for 14 years. Afterward, he completed his MSc in theoretical physics at Kings College London, focusing on quantum many-body systems. He became passionate about physics by exploring modern theories and its many unresolved paradoxes. Trying to develop his own simplified solutions to these, he quickly developed intuition in the field by learning from mistakes. This developed into a hobby and made his choice of a university track relatively straightforward. He loves working toward challenging goals, such as discovering fundamental truths of reality, and is driven by the desire to improve not only himself but also society. He is currently trying to make connections between the AdS/CFT correspondence and Wolfram models.



Institutional Affiliation

King's College London

Research Topics & Interests

  • AdS/CFT
  • Wolfram Models
  • Quantum Many-Body Systems
  • Cosmology
  • Quantum Gravity