Matthew Maddock Affiliated Research Fellow

Matthew is a MSc student at the University of Cape Town (UCT) with a focus on high energy theoretical physics, namely QCD which is the study of the strong nuclear interaction within nucleons. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in physics and mathematics in 2018. His thesis title is "Parameterising Wilson lines in high energy QCD' and involves finding approximate solutions to renormalisation group equations (RGE) which describe the energy dependence of observables in modern high energy collider experiments. His research is closely related to the theoretical framework that describes the Odderon which was discovered at CERN early in 2021. With regards to the Wolfram Physics Project (WPP), Matthew is interested in studying gauge field theories in discrete geometries in an attempt to relate the Wolfram Model (WM) to the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Additionally he is interested in statistical mechanics and its implications for the WM. Outside of research Matthew has an interest in machine learning and its application to high energy theoretical physics and is an active member of the Kaggle machine learning community. In his free time Matthew has a passion for sport, he plays for the UCT Rugby Club and participates in triathlons on occasion.


South Africa

Institutional Affiliation

University of Cape Town

Research Topics & Interests

  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Group Theory
  • Representation Theory
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Machine Learning