March 7, 2020

Answered by: Jonathan Gorard

How can your models be consistent with Bell’s theorem?

Despite the deterministic nature of the Wolfram model, consistency with Bell’s theorem is actually a very natural consequence of the combinatorial structure of the multiway causal graph. By allowing for the existence of causal connections not only between updating events on the same branch of evolutionary history, but also between updating events on distinct branches of evolution history, one immediately obtains an explicitly nonlocal theory of multiway evolution. More precisely, one extends the notion of causal locality beyond mere spatial locality, since events that are branchlike-local will not, in general, also be spacelike-local. Therefore, one is able to prove violation of the Bell-CHSH inequality in much the same way as one does for standard deterministic and nonlocal interpretations of quantum mechanics, such as the de Broglie–Bohm or causal interpretation.